Our language approach: We use a successful immersion model.

The three languages spoken at our school – German, English and Spanish – are an ever-present part of our day-to-day school routine. They form the foundation of the Erasmus Frankfurter Stadtschule's international character and diversity. From the 5th year onwards, lessons are taught in equal measure in both English and Spanish. We of course continue to apply the immersion method at the Erasmus Gymnasium – it is a method which we have been successfully using at our primary school for many years now.

Lessons in German, English and Spanish: There’s nothing foreign about teaching in foreign languages.

This means that as a rule our native-speaking faculty communicate with pupils exclusively in one of the three school languages. Beginning in the fifth year, we not only offer foreign language lessons, but also teach certain subjects in those languages: for instance, biology, geography, civics and economics are taught in English and art, music and sport are taught in Spanish. Afternoon activities also revolve around "language acquisition". For instance, we offer a variety of language workshops and other extracurricular activities held in the pupils' foreign languages. Our school and class exchanges with English- and Spanish-speaking countries are also an incredibly exciting way to promote language learning. Class trips abroad are thus nothing new for upper-level Erasmus pupils.